In 1967, young Jewish families began moving into a brand new town in Howard County, Maryland. They were attracted by the ideals that inspired the town’s founders. No ordinary suburban development, Columbia was planned as “a noble experiment in living.” These early Jews brought that same idealism and purpose to the task of creating the Howard County Jewish community. Their legacy continues to shape Jewish life today.

The Columbia Experiment

Columbia was founded during the nation’s post-World War II housing boom. But it was not your typical postwar suburb.

Jewish Pioneers

“There was this feeling of innovation and creativity. You felt like you were building something new and better.”

Jewish Space + Place

Early Jews wanted to help build an ideal society. They were equally determined to create a strong Jewish community.

Community Today

After decades of growth, the community is thriving and varied. There are many ways to be Jewish in Howard County.

About this Site

Welcome to Made from Scratch, a website that accompanies a traveling exhibition being shown at venues in Howard County and beyond. To tell the story of a distinctive Jewish community in a distinctive place, we have called upon the voices of many Howard Countians. We intend to grow this website with additional information about our history, including 21st century milestones and events. If you have a story to tell, photos to share, or can add missing information to this website, we want to hear from you.